Active recreation

We invite you to active rest in the bosom of nature. We run outdoor activities in Greece, organise trips and weekend plans for groups and individuals. Extreme sports are aimed at people who love nature. We organise 2-3 day trips, or single-trip trips combined with leisure.
The plan of the expedition and the degree of difficulty are individually adjusted to the needs and level of advancement of the person concerned.
Discover the unknown side of Greece with us and plan your favourite activity. On request, you can organise one-day trips or multi-day plans with mixed classes, combining them with leisure and attractions.
We offer the following activities:
Trekking: It is a mixture of monuments and exploration of mountain nature, which combines gentle aerobic exercise with mental relaxation and joy from the nature in a mountainous area. We offer one-day mountain trips and many daily hiking plans. Our proposals can also last more days and usually with a large area with overnight stays forests, rivers, plateaus (camps) and mountain huts. In this way we have the opportunity to reach tourist routes that are not easily accessible in one day, and spend the night safely in the most unbelievable places! There are different levels of difficulty for each route. Beginners should start with gentle routes, which is why we adjust the level of difficulty and route depending on the needs of the person concerned.
All those who love action and adventures in the wilds of Greece, we invite you to take part in expeditions with our qualified team to get new trails, learning your own strength and adapting to unusual, full of adventure situations, focusing on the amazing and endless mountain chain of Pindos, Parnass, or Olympus mountain trails.

Caneoning is a mountain activity that combines climbing, caves and hiking. It is a sport activity focused on crossing canyons, following the flow of water and using ropes to get off difficult places. We will wander beautiful mountain trails, walk on river beads, cross ravines and descend technical waterfalls, inside unknown caves .. This is an activity for those who love mountains and water. Many expeditions, one-day trips and summer weekends can be organized in the gorges near Athens, such as Parnitha and Gerania, or in other popular places such as Arcadia and Fthiotida, Olympus, Pelion and the islands of Evia and Samothrace. Routes vary depending on the canyon's difficulty.

Speleology, excavations and caves. This is an activity combining hiking, climbing, mountain exploration. Over 10,000 caves have been discovered and discovered across the country, in the mountains, on the coast and at sea, even in urban areas. Many caves are considered part of local history and culture, often accompanied by local myths and folk stories about the area. In Greek mythology, many caves relate to the birth of a god or the habitation of creatures such as titans, giants and nymphs. Speleology is an activity performed in nature, it requires certain techniques of safe entry and exit from the cave. Speleology can be dangerous without specialized training and equipment. We can organize half-day trips to places of interest, taking into account all safety requirements.

Diving-Greece is an increasingly popular place for diving with many fans from around the world. Over 50 dive sites, most of which are located in the southeast of Attica, are registered by the diving community. Discover with us the beauty of the Aegean Sea and discover historic wrecks at various depths, observe marine life in natural reefs, dive in underwater canyons, caves. Our friendly and professional team offers diving training, boat trips, popular dive sites and diving.

Rafting is a river source with a specially designed pontoon. It is a sport that appeals to everyone without the need for extra fitness and muscles. Rafting has different levels of difficulty on a scale of one to six. The difficulty of the route depends on the morphology of the river, number of crossings and access difficulties. Greece is a mountainous country with many options from south to north. The most popular rivers are located near Athens and we can go rafting all year round, and Lousios, Alfios and Ladonas are 2.5 hours drive from Athens. These rafting routes are sorted by level of difficulty from easy to medium. On request, one-day trips and weekend activities are organised.

Bungy Jumping nature allows you to get to know a unique experience, the space where you will host your jump is as impressive as its history, because it is one of the most important and oldest works. The purpose of connecting the Corinthian Gulf with the Saronic Gulf has been an important issue since antiquity, since the creation of the channel would solve many problems and facilitate navigation and trade. Feel the adrenaline and make a jump from the historic Corinth channel. The location offers great views of the beautiful scenery, jumping off the bridge, 80 meters above sea level. Professional, friendly, well-trained crew will help and prepare you for a safe jump from our base.

Paragliding - Experience an unforgettable flight safely, where direct contact with air and nature creates a unique sense of freedom and peace. Paragliding is a sports adventure with a parachute: a light aircraft, without a rigid take-off structure. Although they do not use an engine, parachute flights can last for many hours and cover hundreds of kilometers. Thanks to the specialized use of lift air springs, the pilot can gain height, often reaching heights of several thousand meters. For the less brave ones, we recommend a double parachute flight in two seats. You do not need to have no special skills or experience to fly. All our pilots are certified by the Hellenic Federation of Sports Athletes with years of experience. They will give you a unique experience in the sky.

Skydive - Free tandem jump is the easiest way to explore the exciting world of free falling. Free fall with an experienced trainer (Tandem Skydive) from a height of 12,000 feet. Feeling of free falling at a speed of about 220 km/h will take about a minute. You will be flying for the next 5-7 minutes before you land safely on the ground, enjoying the beautiful aerial views .

Skydiving - We jump from a height of 3500 m (11.400 feet) or 4200 m (14000 feet), safely connecting to an experienced captain using a special link. During your first jump per minute, you will experience the terminal speed of about 125 miles / h (about 200 km / h) before the instructor unfolds the parachute. You'll fly under a canopy for another 5-7 amazing minutes of your life before you land safely in the landing zone
Availability: every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Buggy -Jeep Safari Olympus Discover Olympus, waterfalls, lakes, rocky Olympus beaches, ancient olive trees, Skotina, lakes and panoramic views! We leave our base and head towards the mythical Olympus. Our first stop will be a visit to the monastery of St. Efraima. We will continue to climb 350 meters above the Agios Korion waterfall, where we will have the opportunity to swim in the cold waters of a small lake and take amazing photos. Following our route, we will go to South Pieria, and the next stop will be a rocky beach, where we will swim in crystal clear water. We will continue our journey to Old Skotina, at an altitude of 500 meters, where we will see an eighteenth-century Byzantine church and a large plane tree. Then , going to beautiful dirt roads, we will stop near Lake Kati at an altitude of 1250 meters. Then we continue our journey through forest roads and stop for photos in the church of the Prophet Ilea, from where we will have a panoramic view of the entire province of Pieria. The last stop in Leptokaria flows in crystal clear water. At this stop there will be an opportunity for those who want to eat a meal. Returning to our base, it will bring with it many wonderful photos and experiences from Olympus. Many beautiful memories and long lasting impressions.

4x4, There are many 4x4 off-road routes in Attica and throughout Greece. Plan your several-day trip or arrange a one-day trip relatively close to Athens or mainland Greece. We rent vehicles with engines that have undergone special enhancements, suspension and tires improvements and have additional accessories such as winches, driving lights and special equipment. It allows them to navigate in mountainous terrain, during difficult weather conditions. Our fleet consists of specially modified Suzuki off-road vehicles, and our crew consists of experienced drivers.