Meteora-Optional excursions
The cost of trips depends on the number of people and the place of departure!
Full-day trip to one of the biggest attractions in mainland Greece, during which you will visit the famous monasteries, suspended between heaven and earth. Meteora is one of the most important centers of Orthodox monasticism. Monks have been living there since the tenth century. At first, they lived in the caves of the "stone forest", and over time they erected monasteries on inaccessible rocks. Amazing work of man and proof of faith that arouse the admiration of millions of tourists from around the world. Visiting the monasteries, you will see beautiful frescoes, iconostasis, icons. We will visit one male monastery and the one female. A modest outfit, long trousers and covered arms are advisable. Next, we will visit the Byzantine icon studio, where we will learn their way of creating methods unchanged for hundreds of years.