Agia Napa-Famagusta

Our first stop is the Bridge of Love. According to local legend, if you kiss on this bridge, your love will be eternal, and if you are single after visiting it, you will soon find your love. Cape Greko (Greco), at the southern tip of the Famagusta bay. It is a natural place of beauty, and in 1993 it was recognized as a national forest park. From the highest points on the cliff you can enjoy amazing sea views. Cape Greko is famous for its caves and one of the cleanest places on the sea water in Cyprus.
According to local legend, it is also the home of the sea monster of Agia Napa, which allegedly inhabits the coast.
Just a few minutes from Cape Greko we will stop for our first swim in the Blue Lagoon, where you can admire crystal blue sea and golden sand.
Ghost town - Varosha Famagusta
We pass the area of the English sovereign base Ayios Nikolaos and reach the "Ghost Town" lookout in the Varosha district of Famagusta. Famagusta before the Turkish invasion was one of the most famous tourist resorts in the world with golden sandy beaches and modern architecture in this region of Varosha. This place has been fenced off by the Turkish army and is isolated to this day. Greek Cypriots cannot return and journalists are not allowed. This "ghost town" is frozen in time and the shops and hotels are empty but still fully equipped.
Old town of Famagusta - Walking around the old town of Famagusta, we can see the city wall and the Othello tower and the Gothic church of St. Nicholas, which is now a mosque.