First we will visit the ancient city of Kourion, and the most spectacular place is the Greek-Roman theatre, which has been completely restored and today is used for musical and theatre performances in the open air. See the private houses of the late Roman period with fascinating mosaics. Aphrodite's Rock, in which the Goddess of Love and Beauty was born. We will stop here for photos in a beautiful area.

The city of Paphos, which was the ancient capital of Cyprus.
St. Catacombs Solomoni, you can go through catacombs and into caves and chambers.
St. Pillar Paul, where he was bound and punished for preaching Christianity before he could convert a Roman governor to Christianity.
From the old Venetian port you will have free time to discover nearby:

Archaeological city (visiting the house of Dionysus, Roman villa, floor mosaic)
Cyprus was under Roman command 2,000 years ago, and their villas decorated with mosaic floors are considered the best not only in the Mediterranean, but around the world, because Paphos mosaics are very well preserved. Wander the old port of Paphos and have lunch or snack in one of the many nice restaurants and cafes.