Athenian Riviera-holiday

Attica – synonym of Athens, the most historical city of Europe, at the same time vibrant with activity metropolis. Attica covers, inter alia, the wider area of Athens that reaches the historical centre, suburbs, the coast of Athenian Riviera in southern coast, eastern coast, the islands near Athens. Attica offers lots of alternatives. What is more it is the most accessible destination because of its direct airport and port connections with other countries.

Getting to know the region of Attica, of course, begins from Athens, Athena culture, Acropol, ancient Agora, New Museum of Acropol, Plak and historical centre. The whole city of Athens is an open-air museum that welcomes to experience it. The modern profile complements the historical and cultural richness of this place. Thanks to that it is an ideal reason to explore the city. Luxury hotels, great restaurants that offer all kinds of cuisines, cafes with their tables on the streets, neverending shopping centres and picturesque old markets, modern art galleries, shops with works of art and antiques. Acropol with Partenon and New Museum of Acropol – one of the best archeological museum in the world, are obligatory for visitors to see them. From Thissio to Pnika, Dionysios Areopagitou promenade, Plak from Anafiotika and Monastiraki, you will admire archeological stations, ancient and Byzantine monuments and temples, neoclassical buildings with long history.

Beautiful beaches of Attica and Argosaronikos are situated a few minutes from city centre. Meet cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera, southern coastline extending from Pali Faliro to Sounion. In Sounion you will be delighted by impressive temple of Poseidon and majestic sunset. Sandy beaches as well as clean water are the landmarks of the islands of Argosaronic Bay. From port of Pireus, where you can observe flying dolphins, you can get to Eginę, Poros, Hydra
(with preserved settlement) and Spetses residence. The islands are worth being seen during one-day trips.