The Olympic Riviera-holiday

The Olympic Riviera is one of the most popular region in Greece chosen by tourists. It is situated at the foot of the Mount Olympus, on the Thermaic Bay that is the part of Aegean Sea. The parts of its landscape are green hills as well as steep peaks and exquisite sandy beaches, marked by EU with a blue flag.

On one hand, there is the highest peak of Olympus with a height of 2917 meters. On the other hand, the sea, with the famous beaches marked with a blue flag. There you can find beautiful beaches with promenades, hotels, taverns and cafes along the whole coastline of the Olympic Riviera - -from Methoni, Makrogialos, Paralia Katerini, Olimpaki Aktty, Leptokaria, Paralia, Pandeleimona Nei Pori, Nea Mesangala, Stomio to Agiokampos.
Hilly and flat region Pieria unites Thessaly, with which it shares the "House of Gods" as well as Macedonia. Culture and nature have brought Pieria a natural consequence. Archaeological stations, castles, traditional settlements and modern hotel units are waiting for Greek and foreign tourists. Golden beaches, marked with a blue flag, and the transparent sea, often near the mountains, are just a few reasons for a great holiday, combined with sightseeing and many local attractions.