Corfu is one of the most famous and most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea in Greece, known all over the world for its natural beauty - exotic beaches, turquoise waters, olive and orange groves and abundant green forests. Kerkyra, as the Greeks call the island, fascinates with Venetian aura, nesting in picturesque villages, narrow streets and unusual architecture.
The coastline of Corfu is very varied. The western part of Corfu is rocky. On the contrary, the eastern and the northern parts are plain and sandy. A car is almost necessary there – you have about 217 kilometers of beaches to explore. The north is traditionally prettier, but a bit more popular among tourists. The south is more unexplored. The trip deserving a recommendation is one to the north of the island – to Old Perithia, a Venetian ghost village with great views. There is also another choice - a trip to Paleokastrits and return to the legendary Doukas tavern in Doukades.

Promoted trips:
The old town with narrow cobblestones looks like a postcard; the old and new fortress overlook a rocky promontory, two guards protecting Corfu; numerous museums and galleries provide evidence of the presence of Corfu magnesium for writers and artists over the years. The monuments of the past, one by one, break down the corpse of the historic center of Corfu. At the back of Spianada Square - where you will succeed from the orchestra to cricket matches - French elegance in the arches hugging Liston cafes, British notes in the Old Palace, the typical bell tower of the Holy Spy Temple. Apart from the famous and magnificent monuments, the Old Town is not as beautiful as the labyrinth cantons of Campbellos, and the colorful lanterns decorate the sky and the sea so brightly.

Old Fortress The Old Fortress of Corfu, also known as Fortezza.The peninsula in which it is located is separated from Spianada by an artificial moat, Contra Fossa - and it goes into another era. The peninsula in which it is located is separated from Spianada by an artificial moat, Contra Fossa - and goes into another era. This is the medieval city of Corfu, sheltered behind the Byzantine walls, and later the Venetians significantly strengthened the fortress and defense of the fortress and transformed this place, as you will see today - with some interventions later. The church of Saint George in the Doric style, English barracks, Venetian prison, Mandraki (old port of the medieval city), Soranza gate and pathetic tunnels give a new dimension to the past of Corfu.
Caesarean charm in Achilles Ten kilometers from the city of Corfu, in Gastouri, you will find Achilles, an elegant summer palace built in 1890 by Queen Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary or Sissy. You will walk through the gardens, admiring the view and the excellent Achilles statue - the most impressive of the stunning collection of classic statues and works of art that you will discover in the residence.

Pontikonisi The beautiful Pontikonissi is a trademark of Corfu, which you can see on countless photos and postcards. Start your journey from Kanoni to the peninsula south of the city of Corfu. At the top of Ascension Hill, you will fully absorb the view of the island that pops out of the Halikopoulou lagoon. The view stops for the first time at the Blacherna Virgin, built on the islet of Vlacherna in the 17th century. Then it continues to the legendary Pontikonissi, which houses the Byzantine temple and the Byzantine temple of Pantokrator - which can be visited on 6th of August .
In the tourist months from Vlacherna (which connects to the canyon a narrow passage through the sea) boats depart. Although this fact in Pontikonissi you can only stay for a short minute under the watchful eye of the guards. Many people think the view of the canyon is sufficient - especially if you combine your walk with the crossing the bridge connecting the area with Perama at the entrance to the lagoon.

From Paleopolis to Mon Repo. In Paleopolis, you will discover the ancient city of Corfu, founded in the VIII century BC. The city flourished here during the Hellenistic period, with one of the ports at the current airport. Abandoned in the V century AD due to the Visigoth invasions, the population moves to the area of the Old Fortress. Today you can still see part of the Neratzicha tower (the wall of the ancient city) above the airport, the ancient market, orangery, Roman baths, the Doric temple of Kardaki and a small fragment of the temple of Artemis Gorgos, dating from the VI century BC.

Paleokastritsa Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu, 25 km from I. Kapodistrias airport and from the city of Corfu. The resort is hilly and lies under the folds of steep, green slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards.

Aqualand - otherwordly fun not only for children, but also adults! Within the water park you can find slides, swimming pools and lagoons.

Paxos and Antipaksos - popular blue caves. We will sail along the west coast of Paxos, admiring the rocky coast and white sandy beaches. We will visit the breathtaking blue caves, which are the natural environment of the Mediterranean dandelion. Afterwards, we will take the opportunity to swim on the Paradise Beach, situated on the small island of Andipaksos. We will continue the cruise along the narrow Paxos canal and the islands of Panagia and Agios Nikolaos. The captain will moor in the port of Gaios village, where there will be time to visit this place.

Albania – all day optional trip to neighboring Albania. A 1.5-hour cruise from Corfu lets you enjoy the picturesque coast surrounded by small islands scattered around. The ship is docked at the port of Agia Saranda, a popular summer resort and the capital of the Albanian Riviera. A walk along the long seaside promenade planted with palm and banana trees, full of cafes and bars. In the historical part of the city we will see monuments, including the Saint Nicholas church and the thousand-year-old synagogue. Saranda is located near the Butrinti National Park, Byzantine temples, theatre, Roman decorated mosaics and baptistery.

Cruise on a glass bottom boat - this is an excellent proposal for lovers of cruises on the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea. It is the best opportunity to experience Mediterranean nature which is extremely rich. We leave the port of Corfu and thanks to the specially glazed bottom of the boat, we can observe the sea-bed. There will be attractions on the boat, of course. The divers will demonstrate how to catch crabs! Our cruise also includes visiting sea lions that live within one of the local islands!