Eubea is the second largest Greek island. It has area of 3700 square kilometers. is situated on the east coast of Greece, north of Athens. It is connected to the mainland by the bridge. Being there you can admire unexplained, interesting
phenomenon of changing the water current every 6 hours. The fact of location near the capital is an undisputed advantage of Eubea, because you can get there by a comfortable ferry or by bridge. Eubea is a hilly island, picturesque and very green. The beaches there are mostly small and intimate. It is an ideal place for those who look for peace or beautiful landscapes and also for those who like exploring. Favorable conditions of Eubea, in addition to sunbathing and sightseeing, allow water sports, diving, sailing, rafting, fishing, trips and cruises to the nearby islands.

We offer you:
-to admire the Drymonas waterfalls
-to have fun during Paliour game!
-To windsurf in South Eubea!
-to have a cruise on Lihadonissia to see ... Caribbean in Eubea!
-to have a bath in Rovies and free camping on the unspoiled beach of Vithouris
-to enjoy hot healing springs in Edipsos
-to visit the church of Agia Kiriaki
-to visit Prokopi - Pelion - Vlachia - Sarakiniko
-to visit the Holy Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Galataki
-Free camping - Beach Limnionas
-Trekking along Durfi trails
-to go to Kymi for Lobster macaronade
-to go to northern Eubea for windsurfing, kitesurfing, water scooter or diving
-alternative activities in Karystos