Rhodes Island- is the largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago. Although the Dodecanese is ideal for a cosmopolitan holiday, there exist areas where you can enjoy peace and quiet. Many islands have retained their traditional appearance, offering many opportunities for an interesting vacation. Rhodes is the capital of Dodecanese, which offers relaxation and peace for its guests, but at the same time vibrant with cosmopolitan life. It is no coincidence that the island was one of the first used as a tourist attraction, because it is distinguished by both its nature and unique monuments, such as the medieval city of Rhodes, with the magnificent Acropolis, medieval fortresses and ruins of the temple of Athena and Lindos. The Old Town of Rhodes is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Suggested trips

Filerimos Monastery - on the Filerimos Hill - the acropolis of ancient lalyssos with a viewpoint, visiting the monastery. Mandraki Port, where the Rhodes Colossus once stood, one of the seven wonders of the world. Lindos - Lindos is the only village on Rhodes that has retained its former architectural character. The monumental Acropolis dominates the traditional village, where the goddess Athena was worshiped. The place where the temple was built is not accidental. The views from the top are literally breathtaking. Amazing harmony of the sea, mountains and colours! You can get to the Acropolis on foot or on the donkey. We will visit: captain's houses, church, acropolis.

Butterfly Valley - A unique, forested valley where you can see thousands of butterflies. They gather here in July and August. Insects are attracted by resin secreted by one of the growing trees. Butterflies come to this place from all over the island. The Butterfly Valley is a kind of specific landscape park.
Cruise to the island of Symi - a trip to a tiny, picturesque and wild island off the coast of Turkey. Once it was the richest island of Dodecanese, which was due to catching sponges. At Symi, we visit the monastery of the Archangel Michael in Panormitis, an important pilgrimage center and the town of Symi, which impresses with terraced houses built with colorful facades. We will also climb 100 stairs to Chorio, the highest part of the city with a viewpoint..

Cruise to Chalki one of the smallest islets of Dodecanese known as the oasis of peace. After a short cruise from Rhodes you will reach a real paradise. Everything seems smaller here. A tiny harbor, little houses, from which balconies you can go directly to the sea. There are just over 300 people permanently living on the island. In this cosy atmosphere, you can go for a walk around the island, take a sea bath on one of the small, sandy beaches.

Water Park is an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. Staying in a place of water attractions makes summer rest filled with movement and fun. The park provides so many different amenities and attractions that you can spend the whole day here without experiencing boredom. The trip price includes a return trip.

Seven Springs are seven streams supplying the artificial lake and waterfall. When the rest of the island of Rhodes is hot, here, in an oasis of greenery of the Seven Springs, tourists gather for a peaceful, a little bit cooler vacation..