Thassos island - The island of Mermaids Thassos, the northernmost of Greece, is a stunning island with an untouched natural landscape that will fascinate you. The colours on the island are the blue of the sea and sky, the one and only golden color of the sandy beaches as well as unique pine green on the entire island. The most famous beaches are Golden Beach, Paradise, Tripiti, Psili Ammos, gently go down to the sea. They are ideal for family holiday.

Hrisi Ammos - golden sandy beach: one of the most famous beaches on the island. Situated on the north side of the island and very close to it there is the Gold Coast, another beautiful beach with golden sand and blue waters.

Aliki is another of the island's most famous beaches. Located on the southeast side of the island with very easy access. It consists of two bays and is connected by the beach.

Saliara: a beautiful beach with the cleanest blue waters you have ever seen. It is very close to the port and you should not miss a chance to swim there.

Paralia Paradise: here you definitely can find your paradise. Only a few years ago it was a nudist beach, but now a small part is separated for them. This beach and crystal clear waters have the most sandy and golden sand. There you will feel that time stops. You will not want to leave this amazing place.

Limenas - The island's capital is Limenas, there are picturesque streets and a seaside promenade, taverns which are open until late, interesting Archaeological Museum and excavations of ancient Thassos.

Diving in Thassos The clear waters of Thassos are ideal for underwater activities such as diving. The best place for it is Potos, the tourist centre of Thassos, where you can notice several diving schools.

Attractions - Thassos tours

The tear of Afrodita - Giola: one of the main things to see on the island is going to Giola, the natural pool. It is located in the Astris area, which is very close to Potos. The route is a bit difficult because it is not an organized beach. The destination will reward you your efforts. The pool is made of high rocks that reach about eight meters and many holidaymakers dive from this height.

Archaeological Museum: in Limenas you will find the Thassos Museum. You will see ancient artifacts that testify to the history of the island. You will find out how much the inhabitants of the island contributed to the culture of ancient Greece, and many other things that will fascinate you.

Great fun The entertainment and tourism centre in Thassos is located in Potos. You will find many beach bars and taverns there. In the evening, have a drink at one of the charming bars on the coast. The port is also famous for its night life. The well-known club of twins lies on the steps of the river. It is a great club that organizes various events with different DJs. Mandragoras is another club on the stairs of the river.

Theologos Village, an amazingly beautiful mountain village. The theologian is known for his wonderful meat. Lambiris is a lovely local tavern there.

Archontissa is the next tavern that we will go to every time we are on the island of Thassos. This is a lovely tavern with a stone bottom in a salt marsh. They offer many of their own products there.

In Thassos you will find great hotels for your stay, from the most luxurious to the basic standard rooms. Regardless of your preferences, this island will not disappoint you. Write to us what you need and we will send you appropriate suggestions.