Zakynthos is the third largest island in Ionian sea. Zakynthos, rich in beauty and tradition, both cultural and historical, is the perfect solution for every traveler seeking unforgettable experiences. Those who value serenity will find it in the towns of Kalamaki, Alikanas, Alikes, Keri or on the Vasilikos peninsula. Those eager for social life and entertainment can travel to Argassi and Tsilivi or Laganas. Inland Zakynthos, characterized by lush landscape and dense vegetation, which in many places is separated by traditional settlements.
Picturesque buildings, churches with a typical belfry, beautiful courtyards and a characteristic local style maintain the tradition of the island. The wonderful beaches of Zakynthos perfectly complement the landscapes of the whole island. Deserted or cosmopolitan, huge or small, hidden from public view, with golden sand or light pebbles, organized or virgin - they all form an endless list that has something for all tastes, even the most demanding.

We offer the following trips:

Marathonisi is located south of Zakynthos, with the view on the bay of Laganas. It is a lush turtle-shaped island, as if it knew that it would host Caretta-Caretta turtle nests. From the side of Laganas there is a beautiful, sandy beach, followed by the gorgeousness of Mediterranean vegetation. At the back of the island there are sea caves and extraordinary rock morphology. Between the caves there are small sandy beaches, perfect for swimming. Golden sand, lush landscape and turquoise water create a natural image that you will admire from the first moment.

Caretta-Caretta  Cruise on a boat with transparent bottom across Laganas Bay and along the pristine southern fringes of Zakynthos. You can see there famous turtles Caretta in their natural habitat and also the largest breeding place in Europe. Stops for sea bathing: near the mysterious Keri caves, on an inaccessible coast full of cliffs, wild beaches and rock formations, and off the coast of the uninhabited island of Marathonisi, known as Turtle Island. Endangered turtles of the Caretta caretta species come to the world every year there.

Cruise to Wreck Bay Navagio Cruise - transfer by bus towards the port of Zakynthos, then a ship trip to the famous Navagio Beach located on the northwest side of Zakynthos. During the cruise you can admire Skinari Cape and nearby Blue Grottos - time for swimming in their surroundings. Then,stay on the Xigia beach, which is considered the only natural spa on the island due to the occurrence of cold sulfur waters. During the cruise you can admire the east coast of Zakynthos - the famous resorts of Tsilivi and Alikes-Alikanas, an outstanding view of the Peloponnese and the island Kefalonia. A view from near to the charming island of Mikro Nisi and the well-known Makri Gialos beach on the north of the island. Return to the port of Zakynthos.

Ancient Olympia. Olimpia – the biggest sanctuary of Zeus in ancient Greece. Sightseeing in the archaeological site with among others the remains of the temple of Zeus, where was situated one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - the statue of Zeus, the work of Phidias. What is more, there we can also see the altar of Hera, where the Olympic torch is lit today.

Around the island Around the island - a fascinating trip that lets you explore the most beautiful parts of the island. The trip begins with a visit to the Aristeon oil factory in Lithakia. The next point of the program is a visit to the small family winery Gramzas. It includes a presentation of wine production methods in the past and nowadays and its tasting.
Then we offer you a drive through mountain villages like Kiliomeno, Agios Leon, Maries and an opportunity to take charming photos. On the route you can admire the oldest olive tree in Zakynthos. Anafonitria - a place where the Greeks still press the oil by themselves, produce honey and collect herbs - the possibility of degustation and buying. Another attraction is the panorama of the bay of St. George and the famous Wreck Beach, which can be seen from the platform on the cliff top. Then drive towards the port of Agios Nikolaos, Blue Grottoes and time for dinner in a traditional Greek tavern. The next event is a visit to Bochala, where you can take beautiful photos of the panorama of the island's capital.