Athens-Sardonian Islands-Hydra-Aegina-Poros-Greek Evening - 5 days weekend
DAY 1: Arrival to Athens. Transfer to hotel, accommodation. Evening walk around the Place, the oldest district of Athens, full of taverns, shops, tourist traffic .
DAY 2: After breakfast, visit Athens with a guide. Visit to the Acropolis Museum, pass by the Dionysus Theater, odeon of Herod Attica to the Acropolis. Visiting the most famous Athenian building - Parthenon, Erechtheum - Temple dedicated to Poseidon and Athena, Temple of Nike Apteros and Pinacoteka and Propylea - the entrance gate. Further on, the route leads through Agore - the market of ancient Athens, to the Plaka district - picturesquely situated at the foot of the Acropolis, famous for its fancy buildings and winding streets full of specific taverns, nightclubs and shops. Return to the hotel for dinner.
DAY 3: Breakfast. Free time or participation in an optional trip (additional cost): a full-day cruise to the three islands of the Saronic Gulf: EGINA, POROS, YDRA. Landing in Piraeus - the largest Greek port; cruise to Egine, famous for its pistachio groves and the well-preserved ancient Temple of Athena Afhai; crossing to Poros - the smallest of the Saronic islands, a charming island off the coast of Peloponnese; the last of the marinas is phenomenal Ydra with houses of captains from the 18th century, a picturesque port with magnificent architecture, where there is a car ban. The only acceptable means of transport are donkeys. Return to the hotel in the evening, overnight stay.
DAY 4: Day off, independent walk around the city, looking for souvenirs, in the evening in the Greek evening option at Place.
DAY 5: Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to the airport and flight to Poland

BENEFITS AT THE PRICE OF THE BASIC PACKAGE -4 nights at the *** Hotel in Athens, 2-3 people. rooms - 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches - Transfers - airport - hotel - airport, - visiting Athens with a guide in Polish. - cruise to 3 Saronic Islands - pilot / guardian TT - insurance - organizational costs TT - VAT

EXPENSE for 1 person- at 40 -45 person from 326e /person in the rooms 2-3 person +1 free (final cost depends on the choice of available hotels at the time of booking, possibility of the same program with exchange of the trip to the Saronic Islands, to the island of Mikonos additional payment to + 410e / person additional charge: entrance tickets, Greek evening at the place
Description of a trip to the Saronic Islands
Daily departures from Athens from 0/4-up to 0/10
(from 8.00-20.00)
* Visit to three islands with sightseeing
* Lunch in a restaurant aboard a cruise ship
* Entertainment artistic program performed by musicians and folk dancers
* Animation
We leave the port of Athens at 8.00. Our guide and host will ask guests of the ship to gather in the main lounge to provide all information about the ship, cruise program, and visited islands.
Which old traditional, beautiful stone houses and residences are a silent whim of a long and turbulent history. The tour takes place along small, narrow streets or on traditional donkeys. Our stay on the island about 2 hours. We will manage to walk along the old, seaside promenade, get to know the products of small craftsmen, or admire the charming view of the island.
It is the smallest of the three islands we will visit. Its attraction is the narrow strait which offers an amazing view of the city. Our stay on Poros will last about 1 hour.
This is the largest of the three islands. In the port of the island we will change to an air-conditioned coach, visit the Temple of Afea (archaeological site), and the church of St. Nektarios, with his relics. Our stay in Aegina was about 2 hours.
Folklore on board the ship
On the way back, our folk folk band will entertain you with their performances until the ship will arrive at the port.