Athens-Epidavros-Mykeny-Kalavrita-Olimpia-Zakinthos-Kalamata-Peloponez with the island Zakinthos w 7 days
(arrival at the airport in Athens, departure from the airport in Kalamata / or vice versa)

DAY 1:Transfer from the airport to the seaside town of Athenian Riviera, hotel accommodation, dinner, overnight stay.
DAY 2:Visiting Athens - accommodation for the night - near Athens.
In the program of visiting Athens-Acropolis-UNESCO World Heritage Site, Areopagus, Greek Agora, Temple of Zeus, Odeon of Herod and the Dionysus Theater, Acropolis Museum, city tour, panoramic ride around Sindagma Square, passing the National Garden, Hadrian's Arch, Church of St. Paul, Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, with changing of the guard, Catholic Cathedral and the House of Schliemann. Then you will pass the Athens Trilogy, which includes the University of Athens, the Academy of Athens and the National Library, where the guide will tell about the ancient and modern history of these places, a photo stop at the Panathinaiko stadium, where the first Olympic Games in 1896 took place, the only stadium built of white marble then, we will stop at the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
DAY 3:Trip to the Peloponnese, visit to Mycenae, Epidaurus, walk around Nafplion, night at the Hotel Lutraki.
A stop over the Corinth Canal connecting the Corinthian Gulf with the Aegean Sea, then visiting the remains of ancient Corinth: the Roman Agora, where St. Paweł admonished the city's inhabitants, the temple of Apollo, the source of Peirene. Travel to Mycenae - visiting the famous Treasury of Atreus called the Tomb of Agamemnon and the ruins of the palace complex. Transfer to Epidaurus and sightseeing, inter alia best preserved Greek theater famous for its great acoustics. A walk around Nafpion.
DAY 4:Trip to Kalavrita, sightseeing, Patra night
DAY 5:Full-day trip to Zakynthos (description below), accommodation around Pirgos
DAY 6:Visiting Olympia, a night around Pirgos
DAY 7:Transfer to Kalamata airport

Included in the price
- coach for all journeys, transfers, tolls, gates, km, parking lots
-6 nights in three-star hotels 2x near Athens 1x Lutraki, 1 x Patra, 2x Pirgos / Olimpia
- HB food
- guides to Polish Athens, Peloponnese
- trip to Zakynthos
- Argolida trip
Kalavrit travel
-pilot TT
- organizational cost of TT
Price for 40 people -505e / person +1 free

Day trip to the island of Zakynthos

Enjoy this exclusive full-day trip to one of the most beautiful and most visited islands in Greece!
"Princess of the Ionian Sea" or "Levant Flower". ZAKINTHOS ...
This trip not only allows you to visit this beautiful place, but also take part in a excursion around the island, visiting the two most famous places of Zakynthos: Blue Caves and Shipwreck Beach (or Navagio Beach). Both offer the most exotic, clean, crystalline waters for swimming and provide the best possible photos and impressions that you can take with you forever!
* Total stay on the island: minimum 7 hours!
Plan of the trip to Zakynthos
- Transfer from hotel to port
- Daily cruises from Monday to Saturday:
-We depart from the port of Kyllini:
- The cruise lasts 2.5 hours. You will have plenty of time to swim in the Blue Caves (about 45 min), as well as on the shipwreck beach (1 hour)!
-Free time (1.5 to 2.5 hours) in the city of Zakynthos, (meal option, free time)
-Return from Zakynthos: to the port at 7 p.m.
- Transfer to hotel

- Reception and transfer from the hotel to the port of Killini (VIP minibus or lux bus)
-Ferry tickets from Killini to Zakynthos and back (company: Levante Ferries)
-Transfer from Zakynthos city to the northern part of the island (Korithi)
-2.5-hour cruise to Blue Caves and Shipwreck Beach (with stops to each destination)
-Free time in the city of Zakynthos
-Travel guide in English

drinks, meals